The Best Custom Electric Guitars You Need To Know About

The guitar and bass guitar industry is booming. New companies are entering the market every day. People are buying more guitars than ever before. The number of people who play music is also increasing. As a result, the demand for guitars is also increasing.

That's why I want to write this article. I want to share the wealth of diverse custom electric guitar builders I'm discovering with all of you! Some of them are just starting out, while others already have quite an established reputation in the electric guitar community. Either way, they made it on this list not because everyone knows about them, but because they are hidden gems that create beautifully unique custom electric guitars! So without further ado, if you're looking for something other than a Les Paul design, let me introduce you to 9 of the Best Custom Guitar Builders!

The Best High-End Electric Guitars Guide

For Experts and Pro Players The best high-end electric guitar is a solid body guitar with an acoustic sound, made of wood. It has a neck, headstock, pickguard, bridge, volume control, tone control, pickup selector switch, tremolo system, strap button, nut, saddle, tuning machine, jack socket, hard case, soft case, gig bag, pickguard, pick, tuner, strap, guitar string winder, and a screwdriver.

In all fairness, those less familiar with the world of guitars may not notice these differences, but they will certainly appreciate why high-end guitars cost so much. Those more dedicated to the cause will be aware of the subtle tonal nuances and more obvious aesthetic details. With regards to looks, PRS guitars have a long history of producing instruments that look every bit as beautiful as they sound.

Many types of top woods and finishes are available, and some are truly mind-blowing. The Fender Custom Shop produces equally stunning instruments. Finally, Gibson Les Paul Custom guitars are often superior replicas of classic guitar designs.

High-end electric guitars are expensive instruments with many types available today. Some of them are very popular among musicians. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Top Websites to Buy Custom Guitars Online Guitar manufacturers create many different types of guitars, made of wood, metal, or plastic. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood is strong but weak compared to metal. Metal is lightweight but heavy. Plastic is durable but does not hold up well to abuse. Each type of material requires a different kind of skill to create. The most important thing about a guitar is that it should fit comfortably in your hand. You want something that feels natural and comfortable in your hands and looks nice. That's why you need to choose the right manufacturer.

The Best Places to Buy Custom Guitars Online

We selected these awards based on the following criteria: craftsmanship of guitars, unique and varied guitars, website layout and design, uniqueness and story about the brand, and customer service response time. There are many places to buy custom guitars online. After extensive analysis and looking at hundreds of different places to buy custom guitars, we picked our top picks.

You will find below my top 9 picks to buy custom guitars online:

  1. Guitar Center
  2. Amazon
  3. Musician's Friend
  4. Music Man
  5. Sam Ash
  6. Gibson
  7. Fender American Guitars
  8. PRS

Kiesel Custom Guitars

Kiesel Custom Guitars offers hundreds of options for building a guitar from scratch. They can build both bass and traditional guitars. Their expert painters, woodworkers, and technicians employ the finest materials and techniques to create a unique product. Want a mini guitar? You got it.

This guitar company puts a lot of emphasis on the moisture content of the wood they use. Moisture content ensures longevity for instruments and flexibility during the building phase. You can also check their creations to get ideas about the custom instrument they want to build for you.

Schecter Guitars

Schecter Guitar Research is a leading manufacturer of high-end guitars. This is one of the signature guitar brands that make their products by hand and are designed to be used by musicians who want something unique. They have been making custom guitars for years and have many famous clients. Some of these clients include Stone Temple Pilots and Avenged Sevenfold.

This company was founded in 1976 by David Schecter. He mainly manufactures replacement guitar parts and later expanded to mass production of guitars. In addition to this, he also makes custom instruments for his famous clients.

Halo Custom Guitars

Halo guitars help you every step of the process as you design your next custom guitar. Your choices include shape, wood, hardware, finishes, and more. You can customize any aspect of your guitar including the logo, nameplate, or even the body style. You can choose from a wide variety of woods including maple, mahogany, rosewood, and others. You can get your guitar finished in a variety of ways including painting, engraving, etching, and more.

Guitar customization is done by experts who know what they’re doing. Your guitar is built to perfection. You get to see the finished product before it’s shipped.

Taylor Guitars

Kurt Listug and Bob Taylor were the founders of Taylor Guitars. In 1975, they started selling their guitars all over the world. Their company used innovative and modern manufacturing techniques, but also paid attention to details. Taylor Guitars was an early adopter of laser technology, computer milling, and other high-tech methods.

This company offers a wide range of guitars, both acoustic and electric. Their products are made from high-quality materials and are designed with precise craftsmanship. Their electric guitars use the latest technologies to provide optimal sound quality.

Dean Guitars

Dean Guitars is one of the more well-known electric guitar brands thanks to legendary rockers like Dimebag Darrell. Their goal is to create instruments with a high level of quality. Tours are available to show customers how the guitars are made.

Dean Guitars offers a wide range of materials and customization options. They can make custom guitars for beginners or for experienced players. Their products include acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects pedals, and more.

USA Custom Guitars

USA Custom Guitars is a reputable manufacturer of guitars. They put an emphasis on ensuring the correct tone formula so that your instrument sounds exactly how you want it to. They combine modern technology with traditional techniques to build their instruments. They offer a wide range of models and price ranges, but their focus is on quality over quantity.

Jackson Guitars

Jackson Guitars creates a range of eclectic and high-performance guitars and bass guitars. Every guitar and bass guitar produced by them is unique and custom-made. Their guitars are built to last.

All of the guitars created by Jackson Guitars are made using US materials. They offer different pro series options, such as standard guitars and bass guitars, and different accessories to make playing your guitar comfortable and fun. They work with different artists and dealers, including famous musicians.

ESP Guitars

ESP Guitars is a company that makes guitars. They make sure that each instrument is made by hand. Every guitar is unique because they take into account everything that you want. You can choose what type of wood you want and how much customization you want. They can even help you design a guitar that fits your style.

The Shinobi guitar is a masterpiece. The guitar is made up of many different elements. It has a skull as a headstock and a jeweled neck. It also has a very detailed body and neck. The Shinobi guitar is an amazing creation.

Warmoth Custom Guitars

Warmoth Custom Guitars has a long history of making custom guitars. Their expertise in guitar technology helped them pioneer many innovations. Their products were used by some of the most famous musicians of our time.

Warmoth Guitars are made by real people who build them with their own hands and different types of equipment. Their workmanship is superb and their materials are carefully selected. They use a variety of exotic tonewoods including rosewood, ebony, and others. Traditional wood is also used. Mahogany neck? Check.

James Trussart

James Trussart of is proud of breaking the mold when it comes to his custom creations. He ensures that every instrument they make has a unique tone and appearance. He is one of the few guitar builders who use steel as his primary material. He started out as a professional musician in the late 1970s before getting into the guitar-building business.

James makes guitars for famous musicians. He uses his Rust-o-matic technique to protect instruments after they are finished.

Heritage Guitars Inc

Orville Gibson started designing mandolins in the late 1800s, but he didn’t start making guitars until after World War II. He was also known as Orville Gibson Jr. or Orville Gibson III. His company evolved over the years to include other instruments such as guitars, banjos, ukuleles, and more. The founders of Heritage Guitars, including Marv Lambe, Jim Deurloo, and JP Moats, have a combined total of 84 years of experience with guitar making.

This company works with customers to create unique instruments. Customers can choose from a wide variety of models. Each model comes with different features and options. Customers can customize their instruments by choosing different colors, finishes, and other details.

Gallagher Guitar Co

Gallagher Guitar Co is a company that produces high-quality guitars. JW Gallagher lost his job as an engineer when his employer went bankrupt. He decided to use his skills to make guitars instead. His focus is on producing high-quality instruments. Any flaw will cause him to start over again.

Guitar-making requires great skill and attention to detail. Each guitar is handmade and therefore unique. It takes about 3 months to make a single guitar. To ensure quality, each guitar is carefully crafted.

Mike Lull

Mike Lull Guitars is a company focused on providing personalized service. Each guitar is made by hand to ensure that each detail is met.

Mike's story begins with him repairing guitars for a local shop as a teenager. He then opens his guitar shop when he is 21 years old. He works with some of the best musicians in the industry to build guitars exactly to the specifications of each client. Some of his customers include Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and Nirvana.

K-Line Guitars

K-line Guitars creates high-quality electric guitars with a vintage style. They focus on using hand-selected wood, boutique pickups, and top-notch hardware. They make sure the client gets exactly what they want.

The guitar builder lays out all the details before starting work. He uses high-quality materials and construction techniques. His guitars last longer than those built by other companies.

Myka Guitars

David Myka Guitars is a company that focuses on creating high-quality guitars that help musicians express themselves.

This company makes every custom instrument one-by-one. They use various modern and classic techniques while making each instrument. Every guitar is as unique as its owner. They work with customers to make sure every detail is brought to light with the finished product.

Wild Custom Guitars

Wild Custom Guitars is a small company that takes pride in being a small company. It focuses on making one instrument at a time, ensuring every detail is perfected. Their goal is to create finely crafted instruments that perfectly fit the needs of their customers.

The company focuses on time-proven techniques and materials. However, they also pay attention to new trends in making instruments. This allows for balance in their products and ensures that every instrument is durable.

Haywire Custom Guitars

Haywire Guitar Shop provides guitars to people who want to play music but do not know how to properly tune or set up their instrument. They also offer lessons to help people learn how to play their new instrument.

At Haywire Guitar Shop, different experts work together to develop each custom guitar. Each staff member has a specific skill set. Woodworking is the main focus of the shop as it creates the body of the guitar. All parts of the guitar are carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen.

SB MacDonald Custom Instruments

SB Macdonald Custom Instruments builds custom instruments for musicians. Each instrument is made by hand using traditional techniques. The company knows each customer so well that it can ensure the instrument meets the customers' needs. The building process takes into account the customers' personalities, hands, and voices.

Zager Guitar

Zager Guitar International Inc. focuses on each custom instrument individually. They use high-rated components to ensure that the instruments are built to last. Their customers play them every day, so they must be built to withstand daily use.

This company has its line of guitars as well as custom instruments. Their custom guitars are unique. Once a guitar is ordered, the staff uses handmade techniques and modern machinery. They make sure the highest quality is achieved.

Neely Guitars

David Neely started building guitars in 1976. He wanted to make an instrument that was made especially for him. This meant that he needed to know what type of music he liked before he could start making the guitar. He also wanted to ensure that the guitar was comfortable to play. He knew that if he didn't do these things, he wouldn't be satisfied with the results.

David is responsible for the Neptune interval correction that musicians use today. He uses it on all of his custom electric guitars to ensure that they produce the exact sound the guitarist wants. He has worked with many famous musicians who come to see him because of the techniques he uses.

Pensa Guitars

Rudy Pensa is a guitar maker who creates high-quality instruments. He started making guitars when he was just thirteen years old. He opened his first shop in NYC in 1978. It was not long until people recognized his shop as highly respected and the place where you could get a custom-made guitar.

Rudy ensures that each guitar is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. He uses only American-made materials to make his guitars. This satisfies his promise that his instruments will be made in America.

Visit Pensa Guitars website

Crook Custom Guitars

This company creates guitars that are easy to play, and they are designed to make playing easier. Their products are comfortable to hold and use. They do not require any fighting or struggling to achieve the sound that they want.

Each guitar built by Crook Custom Guitars is unique. Bill has over 20 years of experience making guitars, so he knows exactly how to make each guitar. You will be working directly with Bill when you order a custom guitar. After you decide on a design, you can follow along as the process unfolds.

Visit Crook Custom Guitars website

Galloup Guitars

Galloup Guitars is a well-known brand name that produces high-quality guitars. Their products are built by skilled craftsmen who use superior materials. Their training program allows them to develop new techniques and improve their skills.

Bryan builds each instrument by hand. He ensures that clients' specifications are met. He has one of the world's most prestigious wood collections.

Visit Galloup Guitars website

Froggy Bottom Guitars

At Froggy Bottom Guitars, you can customize your own guitar by laying out the details yourself. You can also get help from a staff member if you need it. Your guitar will be made exactly as you want it.

The building process involves many consultations. Each customer is consulted about every aspect of the guitar being built. No two guitars are ever exactly alike.

Grosh Guitars

Grosh Guitars is a company that makes guitars representing different eras of music. Their products are made by hand in their factory. Each product is checked to ensure it looks, sounds, and feels great.

Custom guitars are made by experts who take great care to make sure each guitar is perfect. Each guitar is tested many times during the building process to ensure quality.

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